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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our loop brings rain and finds sorrow

 Our friend Jeanette Colbert of Global Community Rising gave us a guest pass for Wilbur Hot Springs which we gladly took advantage of on Monday. Wilbur sits in the hot loving folds of the eastern coastal range. Usually by February it is green and lush. Not this year.
One of the aspects of Wilbur, besides the luxurious old hotel and wonderful baths, is this wind chime memorial area and vast nature preserve.
It's been so good to get away even if we do have to be back Monday for Chemo #4.
We thought it would remain dry all week in this terrible drought year we have been having but it clouded up when we got to the coast and has been raining for the last few days for which we are very, very grateful.
The drought was becoming such a frightening conundrum. Even if there is a still a drought there has been this time at the beach and a respite from some of our worries.

Another friend has just died and I'm really sad tonight. I just found out on Facebook! I don't even know what happened. Her name is Harisa Dalipagich-Kapetanovik. Three other friends have died in the last month but none has hit me like Harisa's death. Her smile, eyes, voice --I will never part from the memory of her unique and wonderful being... I loved her so much! Rest in Peace my friend, shown here at Riparia with her son who is now a teenager.

...And I refer back to the great patient strength and beauty of the redwoods. We camped next to this cluster last night and woke to the patter of the rain and the huge reassurance of at least 500 years of life, precious life.


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