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Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Pancakes, More Peace

 This is my friend Susan. I think she got me through nursing school in the early 70s-- helped me over-come my disgust at cat dissection and helped me grasp kidney physiology... no small things. She's an FNP at the Hoopa Clinic near Willow Creek and she surprised us with a wonderful snapshot visit. I feel graced.
 Rafael and family. This is a long story. Rafa was a teenager when our land partner Leslie, who is an attorney, got him out of an adult border prison and into the care of Richard and Spring who adopted him. Here he is with wife Patricia, sister Mely and his kids as well as Richard and Spring. So much better than being recruited into one side or the other of Guatemala's civil war!
 Dave Garcia has been the inspiration and driving force of Frack Free Butte County and Aramenta Hawkins heads up the Media team for our campaign and has gotten us the visibility and energy we needed. An amazing duo.
Dear Deepika and her son, nicknamed Shub. He's had surgery after surgery and has suffered more than anyone should ever have to due to the heart defects he was born with. Yet look at that impish smile. How wonderful they are. Holding them in intense protective Love.
 Here's a great shot of a great mix of people. We are really determined to get a Fracking Ban in Butte and save our groundwater. Only about 5000 signatures to go.... Send financial support to FFBC PO Box 6395, Chico, Ca. 95927... we will need some help to get there but are determined.
 Guthrie is visiting from Vermont. Enjoying her role of Easter Bunny. It's wonderful having her back on our side of the country.
 Marci and her daughter got matching Tee Shirts and look so sweet. 'Had to share it with you.
And speaking of sweet... the egg hunts are controversial now days (cruelty and feeding issues as well as the vegan issues,) but it is still very pleasing to see the little ones out finding the eggs throughout the grassy lawn behind the Pancakes for Peace benefit for the Chico Peace and Justice Center. Enjoy the beauty of the Spring Passover--it is fleeting but the P4P punctuates it beautifully.


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