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Friday, August 8, 2008

twix Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Just finished harvesting. ‘Itchy from tomatoes and cucumbers which have scratchy vines and I figure that picking beans is about the best way to face oneself, especially when the bush beans turned out to be runners. The Grub folk were out early harvesting to. What an absolute blessing their energy is.
Energy. I did a show on KZFR about nuclear energy drawing out the links with nuclear weapons proliferation and the corruption of the nuclear industry and its shills. It’s a toxic and frightening scenario we live with and don’t address straight on. I’m glad I did the radio show, despite my many flubs, but now I live from the 63rd Anniversary of Hiroshima to that of the Nagasaki commemoration tomorrow with all the turmoil in the world swirling through me.
Last night I lit a candle for Tibet. Today is the day for action on Burma. Today is the day the Chinese Olympics begins. I won’t be watching but my heart cries out for the people of China, Tibet, Burma, Darfur and America.
Edward Abbey said, “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” Nothing can ruin my soul but I know what he means about the spirit and the crush of inactivity when passion is strong. Tomorrow I’ll bring my chalk to the streets to do my own Shadow Project and education campaign and attend the Peace Vigil. (Every Saturday on the corner of Third and Main Streets in downtown Chico since the early 1960s when the military put an underground nuclear facility in north of town.)
One planet. One people. One conscious effort to survive.


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