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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Otras Salvadores

Emily left for a delegation with Habitat for Humanity for El Salvador tonight after a land meeting. She made peach crisp and we celebrated Sheldon’s Bday and talked about our partnership agreement and the possibilities of a grant from Natural Resources Conservation Services ( They will pay half for us to get rid of the invasive plants like foxtail, Johnson grass, poke, and ailanthus that riddle our little 12 acre paradise and help us with costs for putting down a native covercrop and replanting border plants (for all that was destroyed by the fire,) as well as hedgerows to attract beneficial insects and possibly other things, like wild bee habitat, to create the healthiest and most diverse riparian oak woodland organic farm balance we can be. There are still questions about it but we welcome this infusion of assistance and support for refueling our dreams for this beautiful place.
Ironically, Sheldon has a Lexus. Long story short, it belonged to his brother who was a Hollywood writer. I thought Emily would reel in El Salvador when she thinks about her ride to the airport in that plush car, when she sees how our brothers and sisters live. Here is a picture of Emily’s peacefilled garden. I know this delegation will strengthen an already powerful Leo to greater energy and determination and am anticipating her dynamic return in three weeks. The country of the savior will be back on “the map” again, perhaps not quite as prominently as it was in the 80s but it will resurrect, I’m sure of it.


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