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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Phoenix Births

We are about to have a matinee in the living room while I slip the extra flake off money plant leaves. I just wanted to say that I love the generosity of Chico people. This morning I dropped by some contributions to the Women’s Club for the fire victims. It was overflowing with really great things. There was stuff all over the front, back and side lawns and many volunteers. Now the fire survivors just need places to live and all the other little things, like money, to get their lives back on track. A local number you call to find out about giving is 530-228-6896.
The GRUB folks are enjoying their fields out here. I notice redbud, willow and honey locust are all suckering back after the fire on the land behind their field. It’s Dear Addie’s 14th birthday and instead of a limo her dad has a bus to take her friends to their party. It’s also my Dear nephew Danny’s 26th birthday. I sent him a dinosaur card for old time’s sake. All new Life and Phoenix rebirths we Love You.


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