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Saturday, October 25, 2008

And everything she touches changes

It was this little rose garden in this time of year that enticed me to Chico back 30 years ago when I commuted to Chico for a Physical Assessment class. A lot has happened in that time.
Today is also my dear brother Warren’s Birthday. I pick a rose for him and wish him joy.

This afternoon I went to the dedication of a bench. The bench was placed by Marcia Briggs for her husband, Paul Persons, who died suddenly last year. He was one of those people who worked very hard, played hard, and was loved by everyone. He was larger than life and now is part of that growing litany of what we miss.

We’ve started a petition campaign to stop the urban reserve proposal. I’ve also worked with my friend Anna to find out what we can and move accordingly on the toxics on a piece of land that was donated to the City (pictured here.)

Starhawk was here for the Chico Peace and Justice Center Annual dinner. Prior to the dinner she led a Permaculture workshop. Permaculture is a form of sustainable agriculture that depends on regenerative designs of stacking relationships where fertility, diversity and cooperation are all appreciated with the idea of “Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.” If you go to her website there is much to learn: as well as with checking out Transition Towns and Earth Activist Training.
I guess the most memorable thing for me was what she said at the dinner. “You don’t gain power by giving away the power you have.” In other words if you are discouraged and don’t vote or just feel disparaging about what is going on you don’t get to do the little you could do that builds power toward saving the earth.


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