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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last of summer

Here's a last shot of a dry garden here at Riparia.
It’s finally raining and it’s supposed to keep raining throughout the next three days. Michael and I ran around in the dusk trying to tarp and bring in the last things we want to protect. The pumpkins will go under my dull knife tonight for their simple toothy face lifts.
Small wood is cut. My neighbor turned me on to her pecan tree that graces the alley. (My eyes are so attuned to walnuts the pecans were almost invisible to me at first but I’m happy to have them on my gleaned foods list now.) I sold 103 pounds of English walnuts yesterday. They really lose value after they are wet and there is no way I could crack out that many. There will still be plenty for all our walnutty desires here on the land. My next task will be to pick up and try to sell black walnuts that are better tasting but harder to process and not much in demand anymore.


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