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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainy Meditation Deepening

The Complete Self Attunement Core Group just finished up our winter deepening. Usually the weather is sunny after a series of rainy days and I'm restless to pop my eyes open and get up and out. This year it just rained and rained so I just sank into the needed healing of four days of meditation. I do hope you'll check out our website even if we aren't always very photogenic.
Michael let me take the VV and it was the first time I've stayed in it by myself. The rain pelted the skin of the camper a foot or so from my face all night long and it was strange but cosy. The place we were, the Sky Creek Dharma Center was surrounded by lovely old Valley Oak and at night Great Horned Owls would call to one another.
This is Donna the elf peering around a grandmother tree.

There was a lovely peaceful roon to meditate in with a large carved wood block of sensual serene perfect Buddha statute in the corner.

Outside the rain just soothed my soul more as I've been so worried about the snow pack, the reservoirs and our groundwater. I feel a little hopeful, for now.
It's good to be back home with Michael and good to enjoy my energetic richness and aliveness during the transition back into "the world."


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