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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I can't sleep which is unusual for me. I'm backtracking backwards through these photos. This is Wilson Lake where we spent my Bday eve. The air was rich with mosquitoes but it was a beautiful place to be regardless with the full moon rising to the left of the gap over the shallow lake. I love hearing the birds there and seeing the seasons.

On my actual birthday-same day as Emma Goldman- we skiied up from Bumpass Hell around Emerald Lake, just showing it's colors as it melts around the edges. Then we had a tough side ways gully uphill to the base of Lassen through the sun cups. Here's me in all my age and glory at the base of Mt. Lassen.
The prettiest photo was perhaps this split barn in Child's Meadow.

This is the group of fine people I've worked with for the last year and a half. The state cut our program and I'll be out of there at the end of July. I'll miss my work buddies.

And this is a picture of our wonderful Complete Self Attunement facilitator group at the end of our retreat.
I've been very lucky to have lived so many interesting segments over the last three years since I started this blog, since I last retired...


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