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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day (and mayday, mayday)

It's good to have bats in your Beltaine and that's what there were just now riding back from my last event of the day, a fundraiser for midwifery in Haiti. It's been a full day with the Relay for Life, the International Fair, and the Endangered Species Faire. Mira is visiting from Guatemala, raising $$ for early childhood education there. Here she is with Kathy Faith and I... what a gift the women in my life are!
As are the men. This is Jim Dwyer, librarian, poet, wildguy.
Speaking of wild guys, Michael called just before starting his long ski after some confusion about where to leave the truck (since the bus that was to be his shuttle wouldn't take Sasha without a muzzle on...)
Lisa Sun was her beautiful sunny self in the booth for the Chico Peace and Justice Center and selling Fair Trade items. I held down the fort for a short while and got to explain the difference between Fair and Free Trade. My only true International Workers of the World Day Action.

Susan Mason (right) is one of the stalwarts of our environmental community. She is the heart of Friends of Bidwell Park which, if I was writing the brochure for this town, I'd call the jewel of our area. Susan womanually volunteers for the health of the park and organizes others to join her in weeding but she also monitors and advises on issues like the disc golf course, which was an unfortunate battle we lost to enthusiasts... hard to explain why the whole continuum of the park is important to yahoos.
Which will bring me to the mayday, mayday post... next.


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