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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Circulation elementals

Here's our dear upstream Comanche Creek, overgrown with iris but looking quite lovely nonetheless.
It's intensely and deeply summer now. My gardening neighbor Tami is a delight and I'm so glad to have her nearby. The corn is as high as an elephant's eye....

Pastors for Peace came through with supplies to Cuba to challenge the US blockade. It is always nice to see how they paint the bus. This reminder that we are sons and daughters of the earth is never far from me.

There have been some tragedies and losses. My friend from work, Elaine, lost her mom (we gave her this maple.) We also lost our jobs, that's why her office is so bare. Other friends lost their son to suicide, the most tragic loss...

We also lost our city council vote to keep the truck bridge over Comanche Creek so may be looking at yet another referendum. The same issues are in play as 9 years ago when the people of the community voted against this project.

I got this in here twice and can't get it out. I would not vote for Mary Flynn. She's running for re-election...she's the worst of the lot, totally voting for developers interests. A lot of people in the audience said astute and excellent things and some of the council and planning commissioners were clear headed about what our priorities need to be for the future and it certainly isn't car and truck based economy. We have to cut green house gases and they have to stop putting out these cancerous General Plans....they throw around the word sustainability but it seems to have no meaning whatsoever...


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