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Sunday, August 29, 2010

end of August yet again

Five years since Hurricane Katrina. We listened to the milk toast NPR story this morning eating our waffles and farmer's market strawberries. From our time there we know that the RIGHT of RETURN was not honored and people were forced out by gentrification and the destruction of structurally sound public housing. (See archives for December, 2007.) I'm getting increasingly intolerant about a lot of things and prefer to point a finger at racism when that's what I see.
On a related issue, this morning I spent a lot of time noting who sponsors FOX news so I could get serious about Boycotting them... the only two we have used are AARP and Travelocity. I know it will mean nothing unless I follow up with letters so that's one more thing to do. Lots to do... usually there is a big uptick in activity around this time of year and that is especially true for me as I have started clinic nurse practitioning again.
Meanwhile, squash just keep getting quietly bigger and the garden forges on with some things finishing up and some things going on to total excess. The GRUB folks brought by an enormous melon for us yesterday... How will we eat more than a fraction of it before the fruitflies sweep us away? It looks like one of those pods in Invaision of the Body Snatchers.

Yesteday was unseasonably cool. Laurie and I went walking in Upper Bidwell Park and dropped down to return through the golf course where deary deer were grazing without a care. Before that Anna and I did a call in show on KZFR on immigration as well as the environmental consequences of paper use. Here she is with fellow radio-ite, nurse, (bicycle) coffee cart host, Bobbi at Farmer's Market. Despite the time and effort of radio show involvement I really enjoy the opportunity to project a progressive voice for justice and sanity.

Meanwhile, the new fall plantings are beset with turkey predation. The cute turkey chicks grew quickly. We now have a dozen turkeys for our dozen acres. Which means our next land meeting will entail some decisions. My choice is to trap and remove most of them to some less agricultural land. I know there are other options....but it is hard to think about them. Iwould rather give them a chance against coyotes than humans.


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