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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the PCT

For the 12th year we hiked with old work friends Linda and Ann. This year we returned to Gumboot Lake, where Michael and I had been last October in an early snow shower and found it blazing with flowers.
We ran into through hikers who had started at the Mexican border and were mid-way to Canada along this waterless 22 mile section of the Trinity divide.

The lakes in the region are purposely chosen to be away from the Pacific Crest Trail since the snow melts around them later than on the ridge. Unfortunately this means the hikers have to dip way out of their way to get to places like Gumboot Lake.

It was a beautiful stretch, even if each day's hike was long for us gals. The first day we went south to Lake Helen and the second day we went north to "gem-like" Porcupine Lake.

The water was cold but we were able to swim each day and shake off some of the dryness and ache while enjoying the beauty around us, far from the joyless news of Afghanistan, Pakistan and even local politics.

I hiked alone alot of the time because Linda and Ann like to talk so much there is little time to catch the forest critters when I'm with them.

Michael was usually way ahead of us dozing by the time any of us would catch up with him. It was lovely being able to have views of Shasta, even if the air was somewhat hazy from fires.

I appreciate the opportunity to run the VV on straight veggie oil and get out into beautiful Siskiyou back country with old friends and dear Michael and Sasha. It's hard to be home...more on that next.


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