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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More photos from the Vigil

This is a lively shot. David far left. My friend Ann Creamer in the wheelchair. It's late at night or I could remember the guy Cathy Webster is talking to-- Cathy was also arrested at the SOA and has shown a lot of leadership in Grandmothers for Peace and on the Chico Peace and Justice Center Board. There is another man I can't see behind and Monica Diamond in the foreground, wonderful friend to Ann. To her right is Lin Jensen who just came out with a book I just bought called Deep Down Things, The Earth in Celebration and Dismay. Behind Lin is Caroline, of much Light and Love and Heart.
This is Mike Hawkins. He always worked on Democratic politics but last year went to Palestine and opened his mind in a large way to the injustices there.

Beth and Ellen. Beth stood on the corner vigiling for years and it was good to see her again. Ellen Simon has remained a friend over the years. She and Scott Murphy were the authors of the Chico Nuclear Weapon Free Zone resolution passed by the City of Chico in the early '80s.

This photo is dark and I won't attempt to name everyone. Jim Anderson, the first BOD president of the Chico Peace And Justice Center is speaking. I made the sign in memory of all the peacemakers we have lost and keep thinking of people to add to the list. It has "just" been a little over 30 years for me in Chico and doing the peace work but it's meant a rich mix of wonderful people, that is for sure.


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