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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Days

My work week is now three days so tonight I am at the end of my four day weekend. Tonight, after a day of mostly working on a timeline of events for the 50th Anniversary of the Chico Peace Endeavor, we went for a walk on the south rim of Butte Creek Canyon at dusk and the sunset turned out to be glorious. I used it as a chance to give Thanks for the life of Walkin Jim Stoltz who died on Friday. He was a remarkable man for the miles he hiked and for the glory of nature he lived and sang about.
There were also birthdays-- Here is Fiona Scout on her first birthday. It was really rewarding to be around young parents and their babies and to share in Fiona's milestone.

There was a big theater presentation by Blue Room people out at the end of Estes Road and I held my SAVE the GREENLINE sign for the traffic going by and then walked down for the free theatre which was post modern, odd, at moments really fun and included segments of Dave Guzzetti which I appreciated since he reviewed some of the histoy of his city council time. He still does Woody and Friends on KZFR on Monday mornings which is consistent with all that I love of Chico and the wide world.

My work commute takes me past this sign. In the neighboring county of Glenn Crystal Geyser wants to take groundwater for their huge bottling plant. The folks at Friends of Orland and Save Our Water Resources are trying to get the city to rescind approval of the plant until Orland complies with the California Environmental Quality Act. Everybody is after northstate water. See to read about their lawsuit to protect delta trust fisheries.
Speaking of north state surface water. We got out on the river for a lazy canoe from the "wash out" to Ord Bend. We did do a bit of Labor Day stuff too but I'll let it go at this............... Thanks for all you do in your labors to make this world a better place.


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