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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A week of Life

From snow to snow the week has passed with an important rally in support of organized labor yesterday in Sacramento. It's really confusing to me how so many people can be so misinformed and negative about collective bargaining but I guess it is based on our failure to communicate and then the endless right wing radio propaganda that has people thinking our small pensions are "lavish" and we are on some "gravy train." What about the rich I want to ask?

At any rate. I believe strongly in what we and are foreparents did here in America and will join with my brothers and sisters to fight for our rights. Even though I'm retired from my public health nursing job I still feel part of the union struggle and won't relent on speaking out for our rights to a decent life as working people.

We've had rain in the valley and this little ephemeral waterfall greeted me the day I went up Humbug Rd. to meditate with my friend Kathy.

And today we skied past Jonesville, which is this old house and barn, up another section of Humbug Rd.
Lovely week. Lots of good snowpack.


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