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Monday, January 10, 2011

400 Posts!

Michael is still away skiing in Utah but I got a bit brave and asked a friend to go skiing. He in turn invited friends who live along the Sacramento so we had a foursome. It has been really foggy in the valley for the last week and yesterday it finally lifted. This was how it looked from their house across the river yesterday when we left though.
Sasha really misses Michael but she's putting up with me, after a fashion. She still comes into the bedroom every morning to carefully investigate his side of the bed. She thinks I have shrunk him perhaps?
We've had a lot of heavy frosts and last night was clear and beautiful but in the morning every thing was etched in ice when Sasha and I went out to walk around on the land. I was seeing the beauty of it in everything, especially in the stalled progress of the budding trees. This is good. It's like a real winter not some relentless turn of seasons. Winter should put at least a temporary break on things and it seems to have done that on and off this winter.

This last shot was taken yesterday at McGowan Lake, up toward Lassen. Jim Dwyer, poet-librarian, carried his saucer our entire plus five mile snowshoe/ski trip so he deserves to at least get some recognition for this feat.
Keep warm enough.


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