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Monday, January 17, 2011

Calling Dr. King

Stayed up late last night watching a film about the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers who can't get a fair wage for their coffee and therefore are dependent on food aid and can't educate their kids. The prices for the 4 leading coffee buyers are set on the NY stock exchange and coffee drinkers have no idea how dire it is for the farmers. The film is called Black Gold and the answer is FAIR TRADE which cuts out the middle man so coffee goes straight to the roaster and farmers get a living wage.
It is like a giant wave of recognition this Dr. King weekend. The Teach In on Saturday, the Last Chance for Eden film and discussion at Trinity Methodist on racism and relationships, the amazing commemoration at the church, King's speeches this morning on Democracy Now and now listening to David Guzzetti's music... my heart is in the hands of the King of Love.
The earth allows us this time to be inside and in the mood for listening and thinking. Walking around the land with Michael and Sasha we just wander without much to say. The pussy willows are already emerging on the border and the lilac leaves have been pushing out since the solstice. The earth barely rests but for me this is a very regenerative time. A very important time.

I've lost my source of bio-diesel and have to make personal changes so that is one thing but the other is to movement build toward sustainability. (Below is a picture from the water transfer meeting. I've never known the community so unified, we were united against letting southern California suck out our groundwater.) We have to recognize our other general interests-- to hang on to the benefits we have earned, to protect the vulnerable, to have meaningful jobs, to end senseless wars and bring troops and money home, to protect biodiversity and get a handle on the messaging which divides us and promotes intolerance. One earth, one people... we need far greater equality and thoughtfulness. Dr. King has taught us that and I am deeply touched by this "Holiday" of opportunity to come together.

Groups in Chico I urge all to join and support: The Chico Peace and Justice Center, Butte Environmental Council, AquAlliance and KZFR Community Radio... to move in community, to build and support these groups, to give of your time and energy and make this community, this state, this country and planet a place for the survival and health of all.
Lastly, never forget the truth of the past and the continuing pain of oppressed people and how little time we have, all of us.


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