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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My bro!

Well gee, after all this time blogging you'd think I'd have better control of the order of my photos...but no.. Ok. We went to Reno and Lake Tahoe with my brother. Michael processed veggie oil for the journey and we also sold the VV book along the way. On the way home tonight we stopped in Chilcoot at Simple Fuels Recycling and picked up 45 gallons of bio-diesel from a very sweet guy and this is his veggie storage area. I have hope now for Chico that we can get a co-op going with is bio-diesel...

The main star of the show this long weekend though was my dear brother Warren. I hadn't seen him for three years when we visited him and his family in North Georgia while we were on the Veggie Voyage. He was on the west coast for an A.L.S. symposium and was able to carve out a little time, but also had to work some. He and Michael did a day and a half skiing at Heavenly while I messed around riding my bike and skiing a golf course and wandering the lake edge. The main thing was the memories. I've just craved seeing him and so it really satisfied a need I's hard when both your parents are gone and you have just one sibling and no other close family. Besides that, he's a wonderful, compassionate person.

While Warren and Michael watched the Packers game I went up one of the Heavenly bunny hills but even that was intimidating to me. I just enjoyed the views and the crisp air and tried to listen to what the parents were telling their little kids and tried to emulate the 5 year olds.

Stateline, NV was looking kind of shabby, especially the Horizon where Warren stayed. It has been a good place for us over the years. We've always parked in the lot and watched movies there but now it appears to be going under financially...quite forlorn but on the 15th floor we still got a wonderful view of the lake. What matters isn't the rise and fall of human structures it's the health of the lake and I guess you know how that is going. Still so beautiful though. I feel very grateful and very lucky.


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