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Monday, April 4, 2011

A brother departs

It was shocking and sad to hear that Michael's brother Bob had died. After a day of that reality, that he is gone, my mind still rebels. There is nothing I can write here except what a sweet man he was and what a great sense of wonderment he had. I wish he could have found his true life, that which gave him joy and fulfillment. Death itself is an adventure and I send love across the divide between us for that great unknown. I certainly don't regret going away this weekend and leaving the sweet spring behind. Now Michael will be away with family for weeks in Wisconsin... it was good for us to do a little Veggie Voyaging first. We did some cross country up to the ridge line above Fredonyer Pass with great views out to Mt. Lassen and the McKenzie Meadows.

And we skied out to the Mountain Meadows Reservoir having to weave around to find creek crossings. A beautiful wild place. Sasha and I will sure miss Michael as his birthday passes while he is away from us.


At April 14, 2011 at 12:58 AM , Blogger home on Earth said...

Dear Chris and Michael,
I haven't been keeping up with Veggie Voyagers and only just saw that Michael's brother had died. I am sorry for the hole that his passing must leave in your lives. May the fabric soon be whole again and may you continue to live with integrity and love.

I am singing that beautiful crossing over song for brother:
Weaver weaver, weave his thread
Whole and strong, into your web
Healer healer, heal his pain
In love may he, return again...

Much love to you both.
Ruby and Lev


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