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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting through

This kind of weather, shot from out by the river on my way home from work, is typical for this time of year. Otherwise, I don't know what is typical of what is going on. I've been worried sick about Japan, Libya and Wisconsin without a real outlet.

Today we went up into a pretty good storm. It was raining until Morgan summit then snow and sleet below Lassen Park where we wandered the day away. One good thing that drifted back into my awareness is how, when you manufacturer a "crisis" by skiing miles into a storm within a forest, the only way to solve it is one step at a time with breath and attention in the moment. It is one thing to be in the heart of the crisis and another to be far distant to one and fretting though. I have some things to try this week--like doing radio ( 90.1FM) on Friday from 11:30-1pm, filling in for Beau on the Peace and Justice Program...that will focus my urgency and my friend visits tomorrow from Japan and hopefully we can make a plan for how to help meaningfully....
Meanwhile the land is beautiful with some plants bolting and many trees still flowering. Kelsi, one of the kids who grew up on this land, had her baby this week and she is also part of what fills my heart and mind.

Meanwhile, Michael prepares for another couple of big ski trips away. He's been processing veggie oil and getting the VV road warrior ready. I will miss him but know this is what his spirit longs for and I really do get it-- the world is just you and the elements on days like today and the beauty and simplicity resonates just right.

The BIG event of this last week for me was the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day. We celebrated it with women and men from 129 countries who held bridge events to draw attention to the suffering of women in some of the countries like Afghanistan but also to wake us up to the right wing attacks on women's reproductive freedom here in the U.S. It was wonderful to see the huge support from the motorists below us on Hwy. 99.
One foot in front of the other....


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