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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blossoms frame faces, creeks

Yesterday I spent mostly with my friend Laurie since it was her birthday but I also went to a funeral for a fine public health expert named Nino Calarco and a fund raiser for our friend Rudy Giscombe who is deeply ill with cancer. It made my heart a bit heavy but it was good to share the time with Laurie as she's moving away soon.
Today I peddled over to the GRUB cooperative, passing gorgeous Carisa (of MaMuse) on the way through the wet world.

I dawdled down to Comanche Creek and got this picture.... maybe it will make it into Creeks of Chico next year. Comanche Creek holds "March" for this year's calendar.

Over at GRUB I got a picture of Lee, who used to be a neighbor. Everyone gets a flower frame these days. How lovely life is with a flower frame.
And to frame in the frame this is Little Chico Creek... no room here for my Lindo Channel shots but that's where Laurie and I went walking yesterday. Let the spring heal your heart-- go outside.


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