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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Drone Protest

For a long time I have been concerned about unmanned predator and reaper drones that kill without conscience. People in the border areas of Pakistan live in terror because death can come at any time. This is terrorism and it is profoundly inhumane and illegal and it creates greater enmity against this country for the grave injustice of wanton violence. We joined Code Pink, The Nevada County Peace Center, Military Families Against the War, Veterans for Peace in solidarity with thousands of people of Pakistan demonstrating in Dharna (a sit-in protest) against the US Drone Strikes that are killing thousands of innocents. We were at Beale AFB where the Global Hawk surveillance drone is controlled. We vigiled from 3pm through about 11am and were joined by remarkable young women from the (PTI- Movement for Justice) in the morning and their voices were heard on KZFR. We all felt it had been an excellent vigil since this was the biggest vigil yet (about 30 of us,) many base goers took our hand-outs, and we got good community radio coverage between the Bay Area's KPFA and our own North Valley KZFR as well as having an excellent teach-in about the drones for our own information.

It's critical for us all to recognize that the Pandora's Box of unmanned killer aircraft is costly in many ways to the future peace of our world. Google the article "Convenient Killing" by Cole and Dobbing to learn more about this and get in touch with me if you would like to participate in future vigils. Thanks to all the good people who we met and stood with and people around the world who work for peace.


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