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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The cusp of Aquarius

 So great that it is raining again. I give Thanks to the natural state of winter for precipitating on us in our houses or out tree sitting or in a soggy tent. This is how it should be. Yesterday Michael and I walked up Comanche Creek from Riparia. The water level was low and the sun bright on all the gray tangles of roots and branches. The sun through these blackberry leaves caught my eye.
 The Barber Neighborhood folks, with the Conservation Corps, hacked a path through the blackberries at Wrex Court along top of bank to the open area adjacent to Park Ave. on the north side. I didn't want to walk the other side... was a bit dispirited by all the garbage from campers, blown by wind and in the creek itself.
 These urban issues don't get a lot of air time...people are used to how it is and it really is quite over-whelming how the garbage manifests no matter how much you personally pick up. I think I mentioned my cigarette butt picking up day last week on the National Day of Service? I was going to take my little collection to City Council but instead have sent the story to the News and Review. Such a small, mundane issue. Will they cover it? How can our creeks and rivers and creatures survive these constant assaults of toxins. How much longer can they?
 Meanwhile the green and growing and glowing world of possibility is always there to nurture our bodies and nourish our hopes.. Enjoy the rain, wash us clean, clear our minds and spirits.


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