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Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Sunday, December 25, 2011

 Orien is 31! It's been a flurry these last few days since she came home. Yesterday was her birthday. Before we met up in the morning I had some time to remember my mom who died 6 years ago, also on Christmas Eve, then after yoga Orien and I went out to breakfast and to the Farmers Market before going our separate ways. I spent a little time at the Peace Vigil and then went to Food Not Bombs in the afternoon. In the evening we went out to dinner and then to the Trausch-Johnsons' for a gift exchange and birthday cake.
Bob just got back from Belize and all his family was there. It was a good gathering
... followed by another good gathering at our house in the morning for waffles followed by the Bird Tree. We've been doing the bird tree since Orien was little-- filling up orange rinds with seed and throwing popcorn into the branches-- as close as we ever get to snow here in the valley.
 I'm really proud of my "made in Chico" dear daughter who is now an attorney and looking relaxed and easy going. These wonderful moments, like at Christmas time, I really treasure. I hope you have been lucky enough to be with those you love or to find satisfaction in what you have been doing. Peace in our World.


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