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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Transition to 2012

 We walked out to the bluff above the Iron Canyon section of the Sacramento River to start the new year. Michael has Shasta perched at his shoulder in this first photo and in the lower, kind of harsh lit one, the view is out to Red Bluff and the haze of many small fires as people seemed to be burning piles of leaves for the new year... Turkey Vultures were lazily riding the thermals out around us hoping we'd fall from our aerie so they'd get a decent meal. The river level was low and there wasn't much activity to be seen..just an osprey, bluebirds, juncos, Lewis woodpecker, ruby crowned kinglet, nuthatch... a few others.
 The day was bright and warm and the walk was rocky over the Tuscan mudflow of the eastern foothills. My legs were stiff and argumentative. I realized my weight and age and did some of the same resolving I did last year at this time.
 We stayed the eve and night a little further up, on the same BLM land, at the next pull-out called Hog Lake Flat and walked 2011 off with winking sun to the west
 And glowing Mt. Lassen and Broke-off to the East.
Other people can say the inspired things. I'm just grateful I had this time in the simple beauty of nature with two beings I love for the New Year.


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