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Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome spring peach blossom special!
I've decided to post a photo a day (when I want to, not as some project or self assignment,) since the way this blog posts now I imagine many people only read the first flash of a page anyway. So today we went walking and some goats had gotten away from the neighbor and were in the back of the property being goatly (i.e. eating.)
So much work has gone into all that planting there was a definite alarm bell sounded and fence building was begun within an hour. 
At any rate, on the way back we met up with this sweet little tree which has nothing really to do with what I wanted to write about either and so far has not met the hungry goats and is totally enraptured in its own perfection and fertility seeking.
Here's what I wanted to say--I want to free up that part of me that holds back from saying/ let myself feel into the current of aliveness and make whatever note of what is sensed in my awareness without self censor. Maybe it will only be about the need to rebuild on old truisms about "strong fences make good neighbors" or about the ethereal frailty and exuberance of spring bloom. Even though there is nothing new in either of those ideas I have faith in the openness and goodness of this whole expansive availability so have spoken of it the best I can at this time.


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