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Friday, May 18, 2012

More Blooms

 Trying to feel better.. why when the world is so beautiful? Words. I think the slump started with the Chico News and Review. People attacking one another, big problems and long articles...the last from Anthony Peyton Porter, titled "Reality." His wife has metastatic cancer. She is a wonderful person and he realizes that her care and being with her is all that matters.
 The only reason I have gotten up close and personal with these flowers is because my friend had cancer and so did her husband. Michael and I went to her place... I watered and he fixed water and cooling systems.
 I am slowed down today from wacking too many weeds too inefficiently yesterday, when it was lovely and cool but the ground was hard. Today all I got done was a little transplanting and mostly took in the intensity of the world through the computer and radio...
 But, tomorrow, I'll hopefully plant my Epiphyllum cuttings and someday maybe have blooms like this elegant, short lived beauty gracing my home. Health and Peace surround us for the blooming of our lives. 


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