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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election tension release

 Michael got all the signs he put up for the elections down today. There were no big surprises and some disappointments. It feels almost soothing to have it over, even though the work doesn't really change. I didn't get any good photos of human activity but did walk "out to the back" with Michael and Sasha this morning, enjoying the lack of tension.
 It's been unnaturally hot so we have had this first week of being home to enjoy summery weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to change with rain and cool temperatures. I picked walnuts with a young couple helping me, got the garden a little figured out and the front yard somewhat ready for winter... Have got caught up with the land news, friends, changes in town, too.
 The city of Chico passed its Climate Action Plan last night and I'm feeling out what my role may be in community. This feels like another big settling for both of us.
 Last year at this time we were charged up by Occupy. This year it's hard to find where one should put energy but the reality of the challenges has not lessened one bit.


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