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Monday, February 18, 2013

S.F. Climate Action Rally

 Yesterday thousands of us went to San Francisco for the Climate Change Rally. The volunteers were very focused and organized to get as many petitions signed as possible and everywhere there was a hum of commitment and focus. As usual, people were creative and flamboyant and joyful (a beautiful spring Sunday.)
 As an activist one group I think I will definitely be involved with is Citizens Climate Lobby --They conference call every Wednesday evening and share actual skills to advance effective energy policy. I like this because I know what I'm AGAINST -coal, nukes, fracking, tar sands oil and pipelines but how can I frame the solutions for Congress and others?
In California we have our a strong set of priorities:
Defend our landmark climate and clean energy laws against special interests.
Implement the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the provision of California's Global Warming Solutions Act which restricts the import and refining of tar sands crude in California.
Immediately put a moratorium on ALL hydraulic fracturing aka fracking in the state.
Divest our state funds from fossil fuel companies.
If you want to and can... please call Governor Brown on these 916-445-2841. Like Obama, he has to be pressured hard. Remember that the extractive industries are spending millions to keep us dependent on dirty fuels.
 It's all about the future. The most meaningful part of the SF Rally yesterday was the strong presence of Idle No More. Many drums led us in round dance friendship circle. Those who have suffered the worst now lead and it seems most appropriate that it is that way.


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