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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seeing what is around me

 This last year the bushtits chose an oak rather than a wild plum to string up their hanging nest, within 20 feet of last year's tree. The land is quickly leafing out and the weeds are joyfully green and spiking to the sun. The willows are putting out their cotton and all the spider webs have dressed up with a spiculated pattern of dancing white seed puff. 
 Some of the campers across Comanche Creek aren't as organized in the temporary homes they create for themselves as the bushtits and I dread the task of cleaning up this one. Most of the campers are more organized than this but most do leave some garbage behind, which is unfortunate. Our community focus on homeless right now has good folks out in the lead trying to find solutions but yesterday I was talking with other good people who were saying stereotypical things that aren't helpful. You can't lump people together and make generalizations. Despite how much I dislike the unsanitary and energy intensive work of cleaning up after someone who left this mess it does no good to condemn all homeless people because this person could not or did not respect the creek bank and my sensibilities. The problem is his/her safety and preventing this recurrent mess in the future.
 Meanwhile, Michael is off skiing. I have been visiting friends and doing quietly fulfilling things. This, I think is clarkia... spring on the thin vina plains soils produces beautiful bouquets like this...
 And a visit up Butte Creek revealed yet another photogenic nest to please me... I relish these months before the hot weather sets in. Time of lilac, redbud and blossoms abundant. Life affirms.


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