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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guantanamo morphs into Monsanto

 My vanity wanted a photo of my newly purchased orange jump suit and black bag over my head but wouldn't you know it I wasn't the star of this show! There we were, three crones aiming our message to the early morning traffic the morning Obama made his speech. Of course he could close the place down -- he can blame the republicans all he wants but let's keep calling him until he realizes that rhetoric alone isn't enough.
So much going on. I pause to consider talking about Chico's decision to draft a Sit/Lie ("Civil Sidewalks" or how I learned to love living in a police state) Ordinance. No, I'll leave that for another time.
 Today a car full of us went to Davis to the Monsanto office where once before, in dreary winter, I went with Occupy. This time there was a lively bunch of people too but I think even more diversity of age, background and expression. I'm eager to outreach to the people I met. Like the honey bees we all love we are the pollinators of the world we want, the world we want to preserve.
 If you enlarge this photo you can see one of the most problematic things about Monsanto and why it will be so hard to break their grip on our food supply. It's easy to despair when you recognize how entrenched they are.
 But when you look in the faces-- the many different faces-- of the hard working activists you realize that we can do this. We have the power of the pocket book and our base in the organic food movement. You have to enlarge this photo too to see what foods to avoid.
In Chico we are talking seriously about another push to get GMO labeling back on the ballot. The energy and enthusiasm is there.


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