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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Over the Hump

 It was nice to see photos of Gus and Susa with Bob, our land partner, on the camera. As special as their whirlwind visit (from Germany) had been I'd forgotten all about it with the intensity of this last eight days.
 Michael has finally left the hospital today and I am incredibly relieved. All there is left to do is heal and then do six more rounds of chemotherapy. The photo above and below show a church you could see from his window... a church with a labyrinth that I was able to walk to help my stress during the tedious and sometimes uncomfortable hospital stay. We were really lucky to have such a beautiful view. Today as he was getting his discharge instructions I was watching a red tail hawk circling above Sutter's Fort across the street. We are both greatly relieved to be home no matter how lucky we were to have so many advantages.
 He is looking thinner and paler but feeling pretty well. After a rest he went off to an acupuncture appointment-- getting all that sluggish pain medication, residual stress, healing energy all moving in the right direction.
And I just wanted to Thank Darien one more time for hosting me during my city week. She's busy with full time work, peace and union activism, so I put in a small summer garden in her front yard--which is why she is in classic "Vanna" pose in this photo.
Many, many people are very dear to me after all the support we have had through this dangerous but necessary "Sugarbaker" cytoreductive surgery with intraperitoneal heated chemo followed by four days more of continuous intra-peritoneal chemo.  We both sincerely Thank Dr. Graves, Dr. Yang, our nurses in surgery, ICU and the Oncology Unit of Sutter Hospital for what we hope will be many, many years of health.


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