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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost too much but the earth, ahhhh.

 So right now I'm listening to a Webinar-- Breast Cancer Action's Fracking and Breast Cancer. Before that, a House "Party" with a representative of Corporate Accountability, focusing on their work, especially against bottled water. (A corporate plan is in the works to get the public to accept that bottled water is better and therefore to eventually control all water access.) And, before that Beale Air Force Base and the struggle to stop drone attacks.
But First. Michael above Sunday at dried up Table Mountain, a well-loved area usually covered with wildflowers this time of year. He's healing, the wind is blowing everyday and it hasn't rained since about Jan. The uncovered rice fields are being disced and the air is filled with brown soil particles all the way up the valley. I worry but had a wonderful night in nature last night at Beale, at the base of the Sierra foothills.
 This was the sunset over the Sutter Buttes down N. Beale Rd. The North Beale gate closes early now and very few planes/jets were in the air so it was lovely camping last night with peace activist friends at the gate.
 Folks came from as far as Fresno where they do the Over Bridge Light Brigade. (I hope I have that title right-- it's a project that started during Occupy at the Brooklyn Bridge and is remarkably simple.)
 We demonstrated in the afternoon Monday at the Wheatland gate and my next post will show the demonstration there today but for awhile this morning I was by myself waiting for late comers at the N. Beale Gate watching the light play on the drying grasses across the prairie where coyotes and birds still sing all night long. It was the best night sleep I've had in a month... blessed earth even in all the madness of what humans are doing.


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