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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The first week in June

 It was 112 degrees today. Even at dusk the bees were outside of their boxes and looking dazed, like me. I went in the creek twice today, made a rice and veggie dish and took it to Food Not Bombs, went to the Peace Vigil and Farmer's Market and yoga.... and watched a movie at home, watered the native plant border, played Scrabble with Michael... went to the bookstore and the regular market... but I did drive (on bio-diesel.)
 Another thing I've been doing a little is considering clothing. This is Linda Furr. She repurposes tee shirts and makes them into sleeveless loose comfortable tops for summer and is teaching me how here. We want to swear off new clothes after the horror of the Bangladesh tragedy.
 Weezie had her 64th birthday and we gathered in her front garden and feasted, sang and toasted. Michael is looking great with just four cycles of chemo to go-- he has to take it slow on some of the days of his cycle though, especially in this heat.
 We've been having the Guantanamo protests early in the morning since the garb doesn't lend itself to cool comforts especially on fast days. I feel very strongly that our pressure can release the prisoners who should be freed and get the others trials. The sign asks and I ask you to call Obama 202-456-1111... just ask them to Close it. There's a petition here--
This week I've worked a fair bit but last weekend Michael went skiing and I rode my bike over to the GRUB party. Wolfthump was playing percussion and a mass of sweaty, smiling, blissful souls were dancing to the line. It was so fun, so infectious and so athletic I felt completely alive and joy-filled. It doesn't take much. Just a good beat.


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