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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Intermittent Life at Occupy Beale AFB
It felt so natural to be back at Beale protesting drones with friends from Nevada City, Sacramento, the Bay Area and Chico. I love that these folks never waiver in their commitment. 'Just wish we could get more people to join us. Despite a bit of heat and mosquitoes it was a very good time to stand up against the ongoing illegality of drone strikes. See the link above from Medea Benjamin.
 We were visited by the county police because the Veterans for Peace flag was attached to the Stop sign... now that was an important use of tax payer dollars. The base sent the officer out (20 miles round trip?) for that little intervention.
Lorraine, below, is working on an Injunction against drones in Nevada County. She is right to be proactive in stopping local drone acquisition and use before it becomes an issue in her county. This is something we all should be working on.

 After our p.m. shift leafletting and vigiling by the side of the road at two gates we met back at the Main Gate for supper, sharing and the sunset. No one had a table so we potlucked out of the back of a car and Chuck set up coffee for the morning on the engine of his truck. This is always my favorite time of the day with the sun setting over the Sutter Buttes and the wild oats brilliant and illuminated surrounding good company. Where we were this time was shaded and not right up on the base border--a local policeman (in a bullet proof vest, poor guy,) even dropped by to tell us we were ok where we were for the night... that was reassuring.


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