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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A fire in the heart

 We had a fire this week on the land. Bruce's shed burned down along with many of his tools and rolls of tubing and miscellaneous. Trees were singed and it was pretty dramatic with raging flames shooting up in a black smoked roar. Fire-fighting is what I came home from work to. Again the fear is on me about fire in these dry days. Our garden hoses meant nothing to this fire--luckily it was geographically distant from our homes.
 It was in the low 90s tonight with some interesting clouds and better than average light conditions. Michael went up to see an Earthship (environmentally aware building project) and I had some time to walk the land and look out over a sea of squash by myself with the camera.
 Bruce has a lot of interns this summer and he's very effective and productive. He has out of season winter green leafies which show a little beetle damage but still look lovely in their chlorophyll best.
 He always uses more plastic than I like but it is efficient to train the tomatoes up, the beans and cucumbers up.... I guess old fashioned trellises were made from twine and metal... more work?
The day hasn't all been pastoral. I started out with a Close GITMO vigil then drove to Oroville (on bio-diesel) for this march and rally put on by the NAACP. It felt right to be there-- among those who are grieving and angry about the Zimmerman trial and the loss of Trayvon Martin because of... what? I feel a lot of responsibility right now on a lot of different fronts. All of us really must.


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