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Monday, November 11, 2013

Back into California

 There is no clear Leaving Nevada/Welcome to California sign coming over Hwy 6...just this: We miss you already. On the other side, the magnificent 13,000 foot Boundary Mountain looming up. At the western base of the mountain we took Benton Crossing road to Long Valley and there it all was - the lovely caldera with steam rising from the magma vents and the jutting snow dusted Sierra Nevada, the curve of the Great Basin.
 This was the first kiss of sun photographed from the V.V. in the clear morning. People with many cars coming and going til late had tied up the Shephard's HotSpring that Michael made  a bee line to last night. We'd forgotten it was a "holiday" weekend and we didn't know folks would be coming from a climbing competition in Bishop and partying in the hotspring, tents and vehicles right up to the rim of the hotsprings. I was resentful and then had to examine my own elite sense of entitlement about open space.
 I soaked my snit out at what we think is called Crab Pot, a short walk over the hill in the next draw from the exuberant campers. Quiet and room to spare.
 My mind shifted from the uber-campers to burn unit patients I took care of back in the day when we looked down from the Hat Creek parking lot... we used to soak here with dozens of other people 30 years ago but now I'd be afraid to...I can't shake the suffering of my patients during dressing changes. Burns are the worst! I'll love and admire Hat Creek in passing and express gratitude for the angels of the valley who volunteer to clean and maintain the hot springs out in the valley for all of us visitors. Today is Remembrance Day-- may all suffering end.


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