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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A lovely little Christmas Day

 Orien's birthday is on Christmas eve so we've had a much more extended time together than we normally get and for that we have been really grateful. I'm just going to tell about today since it was so recent and so lovely. Michael and I were initially going for a small quiet day but it turned out to be really fun. We had waffles with lovely summer fruit-- strawberries, peaches and winter kiwi with Orien, Penni and Sheldon then Zenon came by. He and Orien have been friends their entire lives and it was wonderful to see him and meet his new puppies.
 Then Ajani and her family, Greg and Chase, came over to do the "Bird Tree" we do every year. (We hoped for more kids but you never know what folks are up to on the holiday so Chase was our honorary child.) I love our funny popcorn toss photos..
 The photos are always completely goofy... if you go back to December 25th through the years I've kept the blog you'll see this completely darling exhalation of joy repeated over and over.
 The idea is to feed the birds in mid-winter but this year it was so balmy, so dry, it was hard to think of it as winter. Still, this is our version of snow. Thank goodness for children, popcorn, friends and family. Enjoy!


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