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Saturday, December 7, 2013

My sedentary Life

 Who is that masked woman? The famous Weezie! Humanitarian and Lover of Good Friends, Good Food, Good Music, Massage therapist and initiator for me during my time post-operative. I tell has been (almost) worth the surgery to get these GREAT meals my friends have brought by. This little paper plate held the most delicious quiche... I can still taste it on my tongue's memory.
 We splurged and bought a new recliner for me and this is my view out the window. It has been an amazing few days since I came home from the hospital... all the walnut leaves let go in about two days... huge flocks of them sailing down as I sat here watching the shifting sun on the Japanese maple which tends to hoard its leaves til later. Birds and squirrels have entertained me as I weaned off pain meds and tried to find my balance between restlessness and rest.
 Along with that came deep frost. Our neighbor Bob got a tarp back up on the lemon tree while we were at the hospital. I liked this photo which takes advantage of the spider webs on the outside of the window to good effect.
 It's been more than a little difficult lately as Michael's tumor marker test has continued to climb. We don't really know what is going on but we want to get an "early" start on figuring this out and getting chemo started again and the ordinary delays of scheduling and appointments and waits for results do cause us some pressure. Still the deepening of winter and finally some rain and all the Love we have received from family and friends has kept us insulated and comfortable in the midst of discomforting uncertainty.


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