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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice sun rise

 I woke up much earlier than the sun because the "experts" said the sun rise was in the six o'clock hour but in reality, at least in our world, the sun rose closer to 7:30. This tangle of grape vine creates an image of strength and will. When you cut these huge old vines they drip large amounts of clear sap and it's easy to feel bad for them. Their aggressive climbing skill makes them bad for the trees but they also create huge runner roots and a cut here or there barely slows them down. Dormancy makes them seem more inert, easier to get along with. Perhaps a place to return to with a big clipper before spring.
 The first sunlight was enjoyed by the birds in the canopy. (You can see them if you click on the photo.) While I was still stumbling around in the oak woodland the glory of the day was well under-way.
 It may be tangled but there is glory in the sunrise even through a pinhole. The light of the shortest day finds the retina and lights the joy and transformative energy that is always available to us, even in darkness.
 And so the earth has turned. My sadness and fear swept before the beauty of the light reflected through me like a prism. Joy filled Solstice to you, wherever you are, whatever lies along your path.


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