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Sunday, January 12, 2014

At the Wild and Scenic

 On Saturday I went to workshops at the Activist Center and Native American drumming, songs and dances at the Haven Center. It was wonderful to be back in Nevada City and in the midst of so many incredible people.
 I felt honored to listen to Tim DeChristopher and Bryan Cahall and to have their words barreling around in my brain and my emotions so touched by the concern and community of so many good people on the same wavelength.
 Plus, an added bonus is that it rained most of the day. The hungry earth, at least in the Sierra foothills, got a good drenching although Michael said in the valley there wasn't a drop.
 On Sunday I attended environmental films and will follow up on many of the issues I learned about. Just in Nevada City there were interesting issues. This fish on a bicycle a RAFTT (Radical Art for These Times) artist explained to me was knit from Grocery Outlet bags and was part of the Squid Row Project to create a Boardwalk meeting place that is a "car free happiness zone."
And other RAFTT members, Tatiana and Flora among them, created this Shadow Play about Fracking. In this tale the animals are sickened by fracking but are able to turn industry and the spokes people of this insidious evil around so that the earth is made healthy again. In this photo you are seeing the inside of the stage. A large audience of children and adults sat spellbound on the other side. I'm so glad there was a happy ending. Now if we can only convince Governor Brown to put a Moratorium on Fracking (call 916-445-2841 by the end of Jan. 14th!) we might stand a chance here in California at least of defeating one of the evils that plagues are future.


At January 13, 2014 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Outside Inn said...

What a fabulous weekend, great to see other people's photos. You can check out my blog post on the Outside Inn's blog,


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