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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

 For Earth Day I went to a Public Hearing on the Governor's Climate Action Plan and then came home to write a scathing criticism of the deforestation happening under his watch. These Canada geese love it by this conference center. They are raising young and are quite comfortable with people. When do they become American geese?
 My spikes of digitalis/foxgloves are lovely right now. When I first did nursing digitalis/digoxin was commonly prescribed for people to strengthen the contractility of the heart muscle. It isn't prescribed anymore and I'm not sure why this ancient remedy fell out of favor.
 These roses are exploding. The bush is very vigorous and is planted on the body of one of my goats who died after being attacked by dogs. When the blossoms fade and pedals start to fall I'll take handfuls of them and throw them in the air with fragrant gratitude for the blessing of that goat's fertile body.
 In the afternoon spring clouds started to build up but this is a photo of a whale that swam by under the mulberry tree.
And tonight it was whimsy aside as we went over our Riparia land partnership agreement. We have been land partners in this beautiful place now for well over 25 years. It's good to still be together even if I did miss a film about the plastic gyres floating on the seas that showed on this earth day night... perhaps better to get through the day without a broken heart.


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