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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Delores River

It’s hard, in a way, to leave Colorado after such an incredible winter month. Such beauty and diversity we will never see again in quite the same way. Yesterday we came down from the mountains onto the high plains (over 6000 ft.) There is still snow but it is that bleak late winter snow. We were rolling toward the Utah border in late afternoon and were just about to the town of Dove Creek when we saw a sign for the Delores River so we decided to take it.
The narrow dirt road descended steep and long with no chance of turning back. Down here we were glad we’d come as it’s a glory of red and variegated colored rocks and no people.
Last night we had a hungry home invasion by rocky raccoons trying to get in to our food smell through the roof vents under the canoe. Even with Sasha barking and us banging they weren’t deterred, not til Michael went out in his birthday suit…
I wanted to pass on some web sites of local groups working to protect the environment: Great Old Broads for Wilderness and Western Colorado Congress, An Alliance for Community Action
Also, if you ever want to travel to Telluride area you can rent the cabin (four bedroom) we stayed at. Check it out at
.... We crossed into Utah to the town of Monticello that's right in the crook of the Mountain Range you see in the photo above. We stopped at the Visitor Center and wandered through the museum which was mostly about the mundane past until we got to this display on government accountability. Turns out that the Monticello Mill has created a legacy of cancers with its uranium and vanadium processing plant. We went across the street to find out more...


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