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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spring Fling

Today the fire is 50% contained, 70 houses lost and most shelters are closed. Here at home the air was hot but clear for the Spring Fling. It was also Father’s Day.
We invited Sheldon to breakfast and ate the first of our blackberries with waffles. Then I went off to fill in on a radio show which went well, thanks to Debbie Santiavanez who talked about health care in the immigrant community. Our deep appreciation goes out to those who grow and harvest our food.
When I got home it was time to park cars and be life guard at the swimming hole. It seemed like a good day with especially good feelings toward the end of the day when the moon was rising and things got more magical. I appreciate that money was made for scholarships for kids in Belize and especially thank Bob (and Les) for the hard work that went into it. Bob is shown here with his daughter Kelsi and dear friend Kira. Another father daughter bond is seen here between David and Karisa. Thanks too to the folks in the bands who donated their time away from their own families. (The Steve Cook Band is shown here, folks we love to dance to and have loved for years.)
Happy Fathers Day to all good men who give all they can so their kids can become the best they can be. Love begets Love.


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