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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ema and Cedar wed

Ema and Cedar wed with all the people who love them gathered round in a heavenly venue. Orien and Ema have been friends since they were “this high” and they hold their hands apart like a fisherman describes a small fish. Now, all the kids are adults. Some come up to me like they know me and talk about things we shared, like Dreamweavers in Open Structure. I loved doing that parent volunteer session but I can’t remember the little kids in their still new bodies. They are buff or beautiful, married and sometimes with kids of their own. Some one of my age said yesterday, it’s a lot better going to weddings then all the funerals we’ve been to lately. Yes! I’d say so!!

Tang Lor’s story in the News and Review gave us a bit of rock star fame. I sound so stupid when I start waxing on about how much I love the earth and how beautiful it is. That’s how it was last night with Ema at her wedding. It was all I could say was how Beautiful she is. The emotional lexicon of my heart is small but powerful.


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