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Monday, June 2, 2008

Pam in the Park

Today I went walking with one of my former work buddies named Pam. She is a mighty woman doing her best to protect elders and dependent adults who are at risk of neglect or abuse and she is also a social worker of great humor and wisdom.
In our county the budget is in such bad shape that nurses no longer work alongside social workers at Adult Protective Services. Perhaps if I’d stayed things might have gone differently but I might have been punted somewhere else in Public Health like the other nurse in the program was after I left. I have great respect for all my former colleagues and the difficult, critical work they do. I’ve read the national budget is “flat” for Adult Protective Services. That’s yet another thing that must change as demographics are changing…and it can’t happen too soon!
Anyway, we just wandered and enjoyed Big Chico Creek and the reflections of the sycamores, the old Campfire Girl mosaics at the fire ring, and the benches, especially this one dedicated by Soroptomists, a Global Voice for Women, (and a great group of women locally.)


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