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Friday, July 4, 2008


The Sun is almost horizontal at 7:30 and the mosquitoes have come out so I’ve harvested the nightly dinner and come in to enjoy the fan before I start creating something that is somewhat different than last night’s zucchini version.
Today was satisfying because I got to do radio. I filled in on the Peace and Justice program on community radio station KZFR ( for streaming.) I interviewed my old friend Darien who just came back from the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom meeting in Des Moines. Darien is also grounded in peace activism and it was really satisfying to engage with her in the public space and talk about things, like the Iraq war in detail you just wouldn’t hear anywhere else. After Darien, I got to talk to two of the folks who have organized the effort to get our City Council to petition Congress for impeachment. ( I am energized by their effort and hope there will be a groundswell of people who want to protect the future by applying the rule of law to the president’s actions. (We owe it to all who have suffered because of his actions.)
We can see the fireworks at the Fairgrounds from the corner of the garden and will go no further tonight. The peaches in the photo are an heirloom variety that grows here on the land…they’re the soul of summer. I’ve also got Dan Robles’s back in the KZFR booth and a pedi-cab guy in his fashion statement.
To all: Freedom and Democracy and Justice.


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