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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I should be asleep. It's one AM and tomorrow is my last day to orient before I'm carrying cases as a home health psych nurse.
Our neighbor was bitten by a raccoon tonight while she was trying to get her dogs away from where they had cornered it.
After cleaning the wound and reading the Center for Disease Control website on rabies we called the Emergency Dept and determined she should have her ankle evaluated tonight and probably start on post exposure vaccine.
We came home to the hullabaloo of all this from a City Council meeting. We had to wait until almost 11 pm but our issue, which was to request that the City Council consider sending a petition to Congress in favor of impeachment proceedings against the Bush administration passed with a 5 to 2 majority in our favor to consider this issue at a future meeting. Previously the Council did not consider this a local issue and out of their jurisdiction.
I know it will be contentious and the stuff of repercussions in an election cycle but it is important for the citizenry to have recourse to some remedy for the evils done in these last two terms of office. It will bring up serious issues about the constitution, international law and the abuse of power and I believe it is a positive and necessary step forward. I hope we are at a stage where it won't be polarizing.


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