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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day of the Dead

It's a very rainy day and our road is flooded... but I still went to yoga, The Farmer's Market and the Peace Vigil...

Despite the downpour, the town was lively today with Obama supporters and of course, the Peace Endeavor Vigil. Bill Carlson, founding father of the Chico Peace and Justice Center, holds the sign one of our founding mothers, Willa Taggart, held year after year. Willa is another soul that went on. Her memory is like a sheer stream of Living Love cascading into my heart from a short distance.
So, today is the Day of the Dead. My candle is lit and I am reminded of many, including dear feisty worker advocate Studs Terkel who died yesterday. At Farmer’s Market I was reminded about the Panforte man, Randy Britt, who died suddenly last year. Then there are old friends surviving cancer like Bob here who sells olives and olive oil at the market, when there are customers…

I didn’t say enough about Sharon North. She is an amazing activist for voiceless people incarcerated in the “drug war.” She speaks for their families and against the unreasonably long sentences brought about by unjust mandatory minimum sentencing laws. She does an incredible show on called Shattered Lives at 5:30 pm every Monday. It’s streaming so check it out. The party last night was her 50th Bday but she made it all about community and as a fundraiser for Families Against Mandatory Minimums, the Concow Phoenix Project Fund (for those wiped out by the fire last summer,) and KZFR. She created a fantasy space with her decorations and fed us all too from the Goodness of her huge heart. Thanks and Happy Birthday to Sharon!


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